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Construction accessories

  • Miwa door lock - Occupying about 65% of the market share in Japan, Miwa course is trusted by the world market because of its safety and durability and the variety of models and types, meeting most of a building's needs.
  • S-Millions automatic doors - Under the Sanwa Group - Japan's largest door manufacturing group, S-Millions is an automatic door system with high stability and durability, a peace of mind for customers
  • RYOBI door accessories - Ryobi is famous as a car engine manufacturer for car corporations in the world. Applying the motor casting technology to manufacturing hydraulic fittings for doors is a strength that no company has
  • Door handle Union - Proud to be the largest door handles in Japan and present in most high-end buildings and 5-star hotels with a variety of designs from classic to modern.
  • Hinges, Kinmatsu accessories - Kinmatsu mechanical factory is famous for door accessories such as hinges and door latches. The durability and variety of accessories to suit all design needs is Kinmatsu's strong point.
  • Keylex door lock - Non-electric, battery-free mechanical code lock is the choice for customers who like "copper pot". Keylex mechanical door lock code suitable for outdoor use, durable in harsh weather environments.


  • Hydro TRIMION rich alkaline ionized water generator - Trimion is a hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water machine from Nihon Trim, a health water research firm, accounting for approximately 65% of the electrolyte market share in Japan
  • Pocket portable Hydrogen Water Generator - Hydro is a volatile light molecule. The hand-held Hydro water generator allows you to create Hydro water whenever you need to press the button 10 minutes before drinking.
  • Hydro SU inhaler - SU is a portable hydrogen gas generator. You can relax and energize by breathing hydrogen gas at recess, tired
  • Health supplements - We select the best products from Japan to give customers the health and absolute peace of mind.

Energy saving

  • CESS power saving device - CESS is a power saving solution from Korea developed and produced by COSMOTOR. CESS has been equipped for over 100,000 factories worldwide. With the ability to help the plant save 6-15% of electricity, CESS is paying close attention to the Vietnamese market.